It is important to know that your privacy is protected at all times. At our clinic, client confidentiality is of paramount importance. One of our goals is to make all clients feel comfortable and safe. As such all of our Psychologists follow strict guidelines for professional conduct as outlined by legal requirements under the National Privacy Principles from the Privacy Amendment Act 2002. The psychologist may ask personal details and medical history for the purpose of assessment, diagnosis and treatment. We need this information to be proactive in your mental health care needs. All personal information disclosed is treated with absolute confidentiality. In our practice, we comply with the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Code of Professional Ethics. At any stage, you may ask to see the information about you kept on file. If you are referred under an external funding source such as the Australian Defence Force, Mental health Care Plan, Workcover etc then we may be required to provide information back to these organisation. However, will advise you of this in advance and make sure you are fully aware of the limits of our confidentially or the correspondence that is required as part of the funding program.